Javascript span innerhtml not updating

For example, in the text area I input a date (format: YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS), and I'd like to output between the span tags M-D-YYYY. I'm totally lost here and hoping someone can help me out. Code: hi Guys, I have the following codes: var date1 = new Date(From Date); My problem is 'new Date' function covering the date into mm/dd/yyyy format and I want it in dd/mm/yyyy format.

any suggestion please, Hi All, I wonder if you can help me with some time and date formatting in JS.

javascript span innerhtml not updating-73

Javascript span innerhtml not updating

This code has surprising results in Internet Explorer and Firefox, and I haven't found a decent explanation on the Internet of what exactly happens, so I'm posting this out of utter surprise.

First thing you'd notice is that some Id is a paragraph (p) tag.

99.9% of the time it will work, but the callback name is not guaranteed to be "stc Callback1001" The name of the callback function to use is passed in the HTTP parameter "callback". If it is non-null, then the request was sent by a Script Tag Proxy, and you need to wrap your data with a call to that function. if you do that, your script will be usable by both kins of proxies, and you will have flexibility. I'll update the code tonight and repost the changes.

One other question that came up: For redundancy, I'd like to have Script Tag Proxy try an alternate host if it can't get data from the first host.

For example: if the bill date is 7/27/2010 and the due date was not captured, I want to set the due date as 8/10/2010 (14 days after the bill date). I can't seem to figure this out: Code: Hi, I've inherited a Form which calculates a future date based on a calculation and then inserts today's date and the future date into a database. This is fine, but up to 9 the numbers display in single figures with no leading zeros. 12, but I suspect there's a more elgant solution to this as well, this bit of the code works so it's not as vital to neaten this but my database needs dd/mm/yyyy format (it's a third party email program).

If the due date was captured as 8/10/2010, but the due date is blank, I want to assign the bill date as 7/27/2010 (14 days before the due date).

Regards, Neil Hello, I have looked through a tutorial that does text gradient without the use of images. For example: Code: I'm trying to reduce the height of input buttons, but am unable to center the text vertically. I am trying to make it where the user can name the link whatever he/she wants.... links[i] = Position.value; Where link Position is a variable. the javascript post is as follows: Code: there is a little bit more to this(just a handle response).

I found this tutorial: only the first "SPAN CLASS" gets gradiented and the other spans don't. What I want to know is if the span is something like 240px in width how can I make it so if the text inside the span tag is to long and puts the text onto a second line how can i make a cut off point in the text to stop the text moving to a new line and adding '...' if the text is to long?? Alexis I have text being called from an array, however my HTML formatting in the array is not working. Tried every css trick I know, but the text is still too low (I can make it lower : P). My issue is that when the data is passed through javascript newlines and breaks disappear, so when i call the saved data it is presented as one long string with no formatting.

Many thanks in advance, Neil Not sure if this is possible in javascript: I'm looking for two different dates (bill date and due date) on an invoice that are captured by OCR.

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