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Southern Charm: She has her real estate license and is trying to break into the "sell big old houses" biz. WINNER: It's cool that SC Cameran keeps it platonic with the cast, but hot tub hookups make for excellent TV. Real World: Another excerpt from her bio: "Cameran's also not afraid to admit that her on-and-off boyfriend of one year is merely a 'trophy' to her."Southern Charm: Regarding Charleston men, SC Cameran says,"Maybe breathing in this thick Charleston air is not good. "But my friends, my family were like, 'Cameran, life's short. It'll be fun.'""Any time you put yourself on reality television, you have to take it very tongue-in-cheek," she said. People are obviously going to say horrible things."And what does she have to say about the criticism?

It somehow stunts their emotional growth." She calls this stunted emotional growth “PPS: Peter Pan Syndrome.”WINNER: Close call, but I'm giving this one to RW Cameran. "All the negativity only boosts our rating for the show."WINNER: As rational and hip to the sitch as SC Cameran's answer is, I cannot get over RW Cameran's response. RW Cameran: 4SC Cameran: 2Will SC Cameran manage to dethrone RW Cameran as the current Southern Charm season unfolds?

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"Because she's so beautiful, you can never imagine that right off. The naive/sheltered/innocent archetype is always a great reality TV character. I think reality TV has gone insane."Southern Charm: "I said no many times to doing [the show].

However, SC Cameran keeping it real on the reg is so awesome. Real World: Before RW, 19-year-old Cameran was working at the Mellow Mushroom pizzeria in Anderson, SC. Real World: Cameran hooked up with roommate Brad Fiorenza in a hot tub in Greece. : Southern Charm: Cameran has not hooked up with or dated anyone in the SC cast, and does not plan on hooking up with or dating anyone in the SC cast. I was very trepidatious about filming another reality show," she told a local NBC news affiliate.

The 140-person company, with clients such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Research In Motion, has pulled in more than $15 million in two rounds of funding, with investments from Comcast Ventures, Liberty Global and The Foundry Group. Ski Team, he was national champion by age 17 and world champion and Olympian at 19.

But Bloom's celebrity résumé is tough to escape. Then, as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado, he became a two-sport star, blistering across the gridiron as a receiver and kick returner, and named All-American as a freshman and sophomore in 2002-03.

a full season of RW is a tad uneven), but SC Cameran has already made a wonderful first impression. (Okay, if we’re going to split hairs and factor The Challenge into this, a wonderful third first impression.) What I’m saying is, these four SC eps provide a hefty amount of solid material. LET'S DO THIS: Real World: She was the "the most naive cast member." As the New York Post writes, she grew up—"smoking and drinking and all — in the public eye" on the show. An excerpt from her bio: "People find Cameran's beauty so stunning that they are shocked when they find her so warm, friendly and down to earth."Southern Charm: She's the cast's fountain of wisdom and advice. Real World: Would RW Cameran ever do reality TV again?

Pull up a chair, order a beer and a Pop Tart for Cameran, and listen to the knowledge she is serving. "Cameran is one of the rare girls in Charleston that's actually one of the guys," Shep Rose says. Yes, I'm aware I selected the poop quote as her motto on her behalf. Well, in the aforementioned NY Post profile, she said, “Oh, no.He launched off the first jump, spinning 720 degrees in the air with his skis tucked perfectly perpendicular behind him, forming an "iron cross." Hitting the ground and plowing over the next five moguls, he looked unstoppable--until he hit the next one. In a futile attempt to catch up, he flew off the next jump--but crossed the finish line knowing it was all over. He would be released by two teams over two years and would never play in a regular-season pro football game.After that, he would go on to do more than he ever imagined, with varying degrees of success--sky-dive, appear on a celebrity dating show, work as an on-air sports analyst--all, he says, because of that one mogul. These days Bloom prefers to be known as co-founder of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based advertising-technology provider Integrate.He is an Israeli Instagram star similar to Natalie Ortega. People born in the Year of the Snake are a symbol of wisdom and wit, often seen as humorous and gifted in literature and art. However, the snake can be overly suspicious, which makes them a bit paranoid. Her saying her BF is nothing more than a "trophy" is so amazingly snarky. RW Cameran was very wrong about not doing reality TV again (see: The Challenge, Southern Charm), but she was so right about reality TV going insane. I reckon it is our duty to keep watching and to get that answer.

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