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Crow, Chi Ho and some of their friends agree to meet and fight Bull and his gang under an expressway overpass to settle things.

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Chi Ho refuses to pay and does not tell his parents about being bullied at his new school since he does not want to be treated special by the school administrators.

Crow and his gang wait for Chi Ho after school everyday to harass him for money and beat him up.

Crow thinking he has won and rid of Eagle soon finds out his plan has backfired as Bull and his gang tell him that they want control him and the school.

Crow in desperate need of help teams up with Chi Ho to rebuild Eagle's motorbike and begs Eagle to return to school to help rid the Triad gang from their school.

Huo arrived then, having flown from Nanjing to Taipei specially for the party and preparing to give Lin a bracelet.

Friends plied him with alcohol, expecting him to get drunk, but he held his drink well. His tongue loosened by drink, Huo made his confession to Lin, as the others moved away to give them privacy, said the report.

The school dean makes it clear to Eagle that if he gets in trouble he will be expelled immediately.

Eagle is put in the same class as Chi Ho, Princess and Crow.

Nevertheless, cheers to the newly-weds, a power couple in their own right due to many successful years in the business especially Wallace Huo, whose popularity soared to greater heights after Journey of Flower.

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