John mayer dating jessica simpson

The world was a little surprised to hear that John Mayer was dating this British actress in 2005.

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Yes, although Minka Kelly is known for her acting career, she’s also known for being loveable and one of the friendliest women in the business.

Because of this, many people thought that she would be a good influence on the singer.

John Mayer has dated countless women in the past, but the most random and loveable pairing came in the form of John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston.

Unlike some of the other women on this list, Jennifer and John were a fully fledged couple and wanted the whole world to know it.

Sadly, their love was rather tumultuous, and after an on-and-off-again relationship, they split for good in 2016. Taylor Swift is no stranger to a love story, and the world seemed to fall in love with her when she dated John Mayer.

Although their differences first seemed to compliment each other, they soon took their toll.

Sadly, they only dated for a couple of months in 2007.

Perhaps one of John Mayer’s most famous conquests came in the form of singing sensation, Katy Perry.

They dated for a whole year and would attend countless public events arm in arm.

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