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Ari Melber was married to fellow journalist Drew Grant.

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She studied drama at Liverpool John Moores University.

Her success on Geordie Shore allowed her to become an MTV presenter on shows such as I'm a Celebrity: Extra Camp.

Sometimes the only solace you can find is in watching that beloved cast pop up in other movies and TV shows over the ensuing years.

So, that in mind — if you, like me, are still mourning the series finale of Fox's terrific sci-fi series Fringe , take comfort in the fact that its cast and crew are up to great things, even if those great things are not Fringe. When Fringe aired its pilot in the fall of 2008, Anna Torv was just an unknown Australian actress; Joshua Jackson was trying hard to shed his image as Dawson Creek's Pacey; John Noble was Boromir's crazy dad in The Lord Of The Rings.

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Perhaps the hardest part of watching a favorite, long-running television series come to an end is bidding farewell to the beloved cast of characters.

Whatever the series is, saying goodbye is definitely the hardest thing to do.

Best known for appearing on the British reality show Geordie Shore.

She went on to appear on the reality series Ex on the Beach and later her own show, Judge Geordie.

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