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This season you’re going to see a great deal more of Kavan along with Felicia Day [Dr. Isaac Parrish] and Dave Foley, all of whom are warm, fun individuals with good energy.” In the opening teaser of “Liftoff,” Jack Carter is dressed in a tuxedo and prepared for a wedding. “That’s another aspect of the series that I’m most proud of - the fact that the writers are writing a ‘normal’ relationship between Jack and Allison,” notes the actor. There are problems, real ones, and indecision as well.

Could it be that the sheriff’s long-simmering romance with Dr. It’s not a fairy tale romance where they both know right from the start that they’re going to get married and everything is peachy keen once they do.

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“That was in like 1923 when I did that episode,” he jokes. This episode had to do with the jukebox and it was directed by [Eureka co-executive producer] Matt Hastings. Matt is always fun to shoot with because he works fast, knows what he wants and it’s all very detailed.

“It was a blast meeting Felicia Day for the first time, and she’s become part of the family at this point. I enjoyed watching her act with and do her improvising with Neil Grayston.

“That is a great episode,” says Eureka’s leading man Colin Ferguson, who plays Sheriff Carter.

“The best thing about it is Fargo [Neil Grayston] and Zane [Niall Matter].

“All I can say is that it impacts it greatly,” teases Ferguson.

“It’s something that builds with Allison and that my character takes note of and subsequently addresses.” Although Jack’s daughter Zoe (Jordan Hinson) is away at college, Allison had the opportunity to become better acquainted with her while she lived with her dad in Eureka.

It’s clear that Holly and Fargo are going to be friends and it further fleshes out both those characters.” Something happens to Allison in “Reprise” that will shock not only viewers but also eventually Carter and the rest of Eureka.

The sheriff gets an inkling that she might be hiding something, albeit unknowingly, in the next episode, “Glimpse.” In what way does that impact the relationship between the two?

We keep moving forward with that this season, but with some caution.” In the aforementioned “Reprise,” Dr. Not surprisingly, she innocently does something that triggers a situation where a number of Eureka’s residents turn against one another.

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