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“Unfortunately, Josh did not tip off his film team partners of these surprising changes before his public post — nor how this would change our company’s distribution efforts of the film he had worked with us on to promote,” said Stephen Penn on behalf of Exploration Films… We know he is searching for answers,” Stephen Penn affirmed, “But due to the lack of transparency from Josh, we have no other choice but to halt promotion of the film.

Hundreds of DVD’s have already been returned as a result of his statements.” Penn added that the rights would be returned to the filmmaker, and the film would still be available on some platforms (presumably due to existing contracts).

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“The truth is is that there are all kinds of categories of sin where we sin and we don't change our status,” Harris says.

The focus on virginity, he says, changes the focus from “who am I in relationship to God who loves and relates to sinners?

Two decades after his book I Kissed Dating Goodbye became a nationwide bestseller, author and pastor Joshua Harris is having regrets.

Harris still affirms Scripture’s teachings on sexuality. But after talking to friends and strangers since then, he has come to reevaluate his own conclusions in the book, which urged young people to stop traditional dating. A new documentary, I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye, dives deeper into Harris’ new beliefs as he travels across North America interviewing experts.

Instead, they chose to bail the moment Harris turned out to be more complex than they had hoped.

The silver lining may be that it sounds like much of the intended audience is no longer interested in the film, anyway.

The purity movement, Harris says, had a good intention but “its sales pitch of using sex as the most important thing to sell abstinence actually led people to value and to focus on the wrong thing.” By replacing traditional dating with courtship, a new set of problems were created, Harris says.

Courtship teaches that a man and woman should only “go out” if marriage was the goal.

Author Christine Gardner, a professor at Gordon College, says teens at pro-abstinence rallies sometimes were led in chants of“sex is great!

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