Keep dating alive during marriage

They faced fierce opposition from his parents until she converted to Judaism, a decision she's never regretted."From the beginning, our relationship was built on conversation, and there's not been a single day in 29 years when we haven't had a real dialogue," says the Chicago resident.

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Despite all of the outside noise about what marriage is supposed to entail (blah, blah, blah), the two of you find your own center and levels of comfort.

There are certain things that shouldn't change after you're married because they're the very habits that got you so close.

Renner works days at a commercial real-estate company; Lance works evenings as a sound board operator and is lead singer and guitarist with The Palominos, a country music band.

Making every minute of their scant time together is essential.

College sweethearts Echo and Kevin Garrett of Marietta, GA, met at Auburn University.

On their first date, she prepared a home-cooked meal, and they quickly became inseparable.

To keep the flame burning for 35 years, they take an interest in one another's passions, whether it's her career as a writer or his as a professional photographer.

Knowing her love of gardening, Kevin spent the last year constructing a rock garden in their sloped backyard made from granite stones he hand picked and hand carried from the site of an excavation project.

Specifically, there are many things to do after you're married, because that's where your beautiful romance all started.

You have to try and keep in mind that yes, this person chose you, but that doesn't mean you get to cash out and show no effort toward what you used to.

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