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Meanwhile, the Pentagon has already deployed Patriot missile batteries there. A subsequent agreement has been announced which will "reduce barriers to defense trade" and enable Poland to import more U. In Warsaw, the two Presidents met with "Polish activists for democracy" just back from a "successful visit" to Tunisia, headed by former President Walesa (Nobel Peace prize laureate, like Obama).

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"Today is a historic day and it is a great honor for us to announce that we have reached an accord on the Iranian nuclear solution, to make our world safer.” Federica Mogherini, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said this in Vienna on July 14.

Almost simultaneously another announcement arrived from the United States: "The U. Air Force and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) have conducted the first flight test of the jointly developed B61-12 guided nuclear bomb from a Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada." (, July 10) This weapon will soon replace the B61, the U. nuclear bomb, with 70-90 of them stored in Aviano and Ghedi Torre, part of an arsenal of at least 200 nuclear weapons stored in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BERD), after having dismantled and privatised Poland’s public domain and that of other Eastern countries, has now descended on Egypt and Tunisia offering 5 billion dollars in exchange for "adequate reforms", opening the doors wide for multinational firms and foreign military bases.

This is a new crusade in which the Poles are on the front line, proudly brandishing the F-16 emblem on a dollar background.

The success of the test, "provides clear evidence of the nation’s continued commitment to maintain the B61,” says the NNSA, which then specifies that "the B61-12, with a tail kit assembly produced by Boeing, will replace the B61-3, -4, -7, -10 bombs in the current U. nuclear arsenal." It is thus officially confirmed that the B61 bomb will be transformed from a free falling to a "smart" bomb, which can be dropped on the target from a great distance.

The precision-guided B61-12, whose cost is estimated at 8 billion to 12 billion dollars for 400-500 bombs, is configured as multi-purpose weapon, with an average power of 50 kilotons (about four times the Hiroshima bomb).A Rheostat light is included which provides different levels of brightness different light conditions.This bow sight has made a huge impact in the archery world with its innovative Retina Lock Alignment Technology.In the same way that the CIA used Serbian activists to foment color revolutions, it is now resorting to Polish militants to pilot the economic transition.What model of democratic transition should be adopted by Tunisia and Egypt, now that they are free of the Mubarak and Ben Ali dictatorships? As he stated on 28 May in Warsaw, Poland has "charted a course for freedom that inspired many on this continent and beyond." He then singled out Warsaw’s great merits, not least the fact that the "United States and Poland have forged an exceptional bilateral defense partnership, firmly rooted in the enduring NATO alliance." To further strengthen it, President Obama and President Komorowski announced that a U. Air Force Aviation Detachment, largely made up of F-16 bombers, will be deployed on Polish territory, next to those already sold by the U. to Poland and in addition to the "anti-ballistic missile site" to be established. One can appreciate Obama’s enthusiasm for the Polish model as well as his statement : "We want to encourage the nations of the Midle-East and North Africa are struggling for transition towards democracy — especially in Egypt and Tunisia — to benefit from the Polish model." The encouragement is not only verbal.It will perform the function of many bombs, including those designed to "decapitate" the enemy country, destroying the bunker command centers and other underground structures in a nuclear first strike.

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