Kubota l4310 serial numbers dating

Yamaha has produced many years' worth of the YZ80 off-road motorcycle.

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You really do not want this one plug failing when you are in the middle of stressing your equipment.

Thread the plug back in and then give it only a 1/4 turn with your 19mm wrench.

The VIN decoder will also tell you the country of manufacture -- "J" for Japan, for example -- in position one. The next five characters denote the details of the bike and the ninth character is a check digit for anti-fraud purposes.

The eleventh character denotes the plant of manufacture and the remaining group of six characters tells you the production sequence of the bike in the plant.

Be sure to dump the 1/2 cup of oil still in the filter down into the catch basis along with the rest of the old oil.

Install the New Filter Take a new filter out of the box and lubricate the seal at the top by running some old oil around it.

For bikes manufactured before 1981, the VIN could be 11 to 17 character and is much harder to decode than the newer VIN.

Clean off the VIN so you don't make a mistake in transcribing it.

Take your oil filter wrench and work the old filter off the engine block.

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