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Given the political volatility of neighboring nations such as Iraq, Iran, and Syria, the island offers a welcome haven for researchers unable to conduct their work in many other parts of the region.

“I started encouraging teams to come in 2004,” says Shehab Shehab, Kuwait’s antiquities director.

For that matter, same thing when a person goes to Bahrain and Qatar.

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And excavators on Failaka are making the most of this unique opportunity, exposing evidence of Mesopotamian merchants, religious structures representing three cultures and spanning more than 2,500 years, a pirate’s lair, and the remains of Failaka’s last battle, ample testimony to the island’s millennia-long endurance.

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C., until Saddam Hussein’s attack during the First Gulf War, the island has been a strategic prize.

For thousands of years, Failaka was a key base from which to cultivate and protect—or prey on—the lucrative trade that passed up and down the Persian Gulf.

The secret to Failaka’s rich past is its location, just 60 miles south of the spot where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers empty into the Gulf.

From the rise of Ur, the world’s largest metropolis in the late third millennium B.

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