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It is "alive" in the sense that it exists, but it is in fact very uncommon and the documentary that said 70% of marriages in Kyrgyzstan involve kidnapping was lying. In fact, I know a person who faked a bride kidnapping for views on You Tube. First, a short explanation on just what this practice of ala kachuu is.

Ala kachuu, in its traditional form (it is nonreligious in origin), is actually symbolic and not an actual kidnapping.

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The easiest way to tell that something has been overblown out of proportion is when nobody can settle on which statistics to use for an issue. Various sites and videos online mention up to 80% of Kyrgyz marriages involve kidnappings (seriously, how do people believe this stuff? Others say it may be up to half of all marriages while one third are non-consensual, while I saw random people on Reddit say that it was worrying that 18% of Kyrgyz brides were kidnapped.

However, all actual studies done into bride kidnapping draw lower numbers.

Leader of this party and two other members are in prison now for economic crimes.

There are also Communists who deserve to be mentioned, but they aren't represented in parliament. But when I look at sites talking about it, they always use extraordinarily unrealistic statistics and mention blatant falsehoods, usually to push for donations to help stop the bride kidnapping.

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You can see all the previous country/region threads of that kind if you click on the “AMA” post flair (definitely works with new design and on mobile, not sure about old design).More notably, very recently in 2018, there was a study conducted by Kazakhstan to try to gauge how big of an issue bride kidnapping is in Kyrgyzstan.Their findings were that only about 1.5% of marriages in Kyrgyzstan involve non-consensual bride kidnapping.Fastest signup, just log in with your Facebook account and you are done or sign up with your email.No long giant profile to fill out either you just put in your basic info and upload some nice pictures of yourself and you're ready to start chatting and meeting new people Kyrgyzstan! really no preferences but someone who is serious but can make me laugh, a down to earth man who's prepared to be mine.

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