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He lead me to a place were some teenagers were inside the bars for a bad reason 12 guys were standing outside the bars and talking to Eris "yah~ are you okay? Jungkook, tell me, you were the one that was with my sister," Hoseok hyung suddenly barged in with a furious look in his face "She... I blurted it out "you are in big trouble young lady," I have to admit, hyung is sounding like a mother here "tss...

" a guys asked her while cupping her face My insides were becoming hot "don't touch her," I suddenly blurted out and got there attention, especially Eris "what are you doing here? As if you'd care for what I do," Eris murmured something that made hyung more furious "Hoseok hyung, please sign the releasing papers at the office," her friend called hyung and left "I'll be right back," hyung went to the office and left us here Silence.....

Jeon Jungkook, happens to find her pretty, kind and everything, Every valentines, he'd give bl... " That voice, Jungkook, "Ne, I am," I sighed in relief and leaned my back over the headboard "Are... " I asked "he's somewhere I don't know," he said, I left the bed and got my things "Yah! My phone vibrated, I took it out and opened the inbox "hey you should come here! A drunk man approached her and jealousy started to build up on me. "but she was innocent," I told the police "you son, please step back, we already gave them a warning about illegal racing and yet they did it again, don't worry she'll be at the jail for only 24 hours unless her parents come to get her," the police man went inside the car and drove to the jail "Hyung, meet me at the jail," I texted Hoseok hyung and found a nearby taxi "Kamsahamnida, ajusshi," I thanked the driver and ran out the taxi "Jung Eris, please," I told the guard and he nodded. Was drinking alcohol," I don't want to say it but, hyung is scary when he is furious, so there...

He is "you son, please step back, we already gave them a warning about illegal racing and yet they did it again, don't worry she'll be at the jail for only 24 hours unless her parents come to get her," Shit just happened Jungkook's P. V"hyung, Eris and I are out of the hospital, don't worry," I called Hoseok hyung and followed Eris "somewhere you don't know," Her cold expression while talking to me was kinda scary, so I tried to follow her I hopped on a taxi and told the driver to follow her Alot of people were cheering loudly they're all drunk and noisy.

stratigraphy, oceanography, paleogeography, paleobiology, and paleoclimatology have been particularly affected.

Their applications include dating correlation, relative dating, sedimentation rate analysis, sediment transport studies, Paleobiology and archaeology have also been strongly affected.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction A Princess Series Jung Eris, not just any kind of girl that you always see infront of you. Suddenly, a hand touched mine as a face was revealed infront of me, the face was blurred but it soon started to fade "Are you alright? I rushed myself to the exit and called a taxi for me to hop on Alot of wild cheers were heard as soon as I arrived the place, bottles of soju were neatly placed at the side of the road, two cars were in the middle of the street. I decided to follow Eris and watch what she was doing She grabbed a bottle of soju and chugged it down. " a lady shouted and the car moved quickly Eris caught my eyes and- *screeeeech The car swayed side wards and hit the tree.She's different, She's cold, scary, and Hoseok's little sister. " It was Jungkook with a worried pair of eyes darting into mine He didn't let me answer as he cut my sentence with his lips locked on mine I gasped and woke up, a sudden shiver were felt in my spine as a hand touches mine "Yah, are you alright? Sorry," he handed me a glass of water "where's he? " I glanced towards him, "somewhere you don't know," I opened the door and exited the room while closing it shut. My eyed became wide, I didn't know she was a drinker. Sirens were heard and a police walked to her car, took her out and handcuffed her. Sirens were heard and a police got over to my side, he guided me out and made me lay on my tummy at the front of the car, he put handcuffs on me and made me ride the police car "but she was innocent," Jungkook was here, I don't know how but... " I was awaken by the pool of thoughts and I rode the car stepping on the gas as soon as the lady started the race I was gaining lots of speed, my eye caught a familiar boy... How the hec- *screeeeech My car swayed over to the side, and my bumper was on the tree.Bone, shell, and sediment studies have contributed much to the paleontological record, including that relating to hominoids.

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