ilarawan ang pagdating ni magellan - Leo dating a leo

Even though it may seem like a one-sided exchange for Leo to buff his or her ego, it is not.

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You can truly expect nothing but good times from this pair.

Intimate relationships between two Leos are a blessing for both.

Therefore, when one-sided boundaries and limitations born of protectiveness come into play, a mirror relationship can quickly head toward destruction.

Finally, stubbornness and a battle over leadership can create discord within a dual Leo pairing.

Attention and admiration are two things that Leos treasure so highly and desire exclusively for themselves.

It can be challenging to learn to share the spotlight in a mirror match as well as strike a balance between seeking the attention of others and that of your partner.

The fire element of the Leo imparts a passionate energy that really only functions best with others who share the fire sign, so a mirror match between Leos is especially satisfying.

Most lions are inherently loyal, romantic, upbeat and confident.

Love And Relationships The lovely Leo is supremely friendly, seeking to be out and about among as many people as he or she can find.

Friends give a lion the admiration and attention they need, and in return, they provide friends with endless dedication, joviality, humor, and compassion.

Stubbornness is the main thing that can ruin a Leo’s chances as a fulfilling, long-term relationship.

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