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” If you have a girlfriend and are suspicious that she may have ulterior motives, I think that I have finally narrowed down the 20 signs to look for if you are wondering, “is she a lesbian with a crush on me?

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If she can find something wrong with every guy you bring up, even the good ones, then there is something not right. But if you notice that she doesn’t seem to have a problem with men in general, but just the men you are in to, then you may want to reconsider what team she bats for. If every time you want to bring someone else to a social outing and she finds a reason that you two should go alone, it may be that she is jealous of your time.

Wanting to be alone with your secret crush is not just something that heterosexual crushes desire.

[Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is crushing on you] #3 She makes up ridiculous rendezvous with men, but you haven’t ever met them.

Susan always had “Pedro” or some “guy” she met at some random bar, but there wasn’t ever a guy in her life.

Just because you don’t know why she wants to spend time alone with you, doesn’t mean that she isn’t getting pure desire from this intimate time.

#9 You feel strange dressing or undressing in front of her.

” [Read: How to tell if a woman is attracted to another woman] I suppose I should have seen the signs: her obvious affection for me, being there at my beck and call, and her anger at my relationship. She was divorced, and to me, that spelled “straight.” Since then, I have begun to think about other women in my life who have been very close to me.

And much to my surprise, I have found out *after the fact* that they are gay.

If you think twice before getting naked to change clothes and haven’t ever given it a second thought before, that is your inner voice telling you that something is up.

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