Lesson 2 4 tree ring dating

In normal conditions, the rings will be in near perfect circles.

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If conditions were not as favorable during the year, the growth rings will be narrower.

The shape of the concentric circles (annual rings) can also tell you what kind of conditions the tree lived in.

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Together, they cited information from 24 references.

Find the round that has the lightest colored rings. Walnut has a very dark region of heartwood due to the resin stored in it.

Find the round with the darkest heartwood region – this is the walnut tree. Sketch the three rounds below, paying special attention to the differences in the way the wood looks.

During regions that have seasons, trees will grow very rapidly in the spring and then not as rapidly in the late summer.

The faster growth of early spring makes large cells that are light in color, the lighter colored area is called earlywood or springwood.

Imagine if a tree was growing next to a boulder, and it had to grow around the obstacle: the resulting rings would be a little lopsided.

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