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The English Mansion will consolidate their opinion, that’s for sure.

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The same producer is responsible for one more website on this pegging strapon list.

Keep reading to find out which one and what is so special there.

As you are guessing, femdom strapon is between top three female domination fetishes.

Except the natural need to feel how girls abuse guys, the second motivator for strapon sex is to actually experience how does it feel to be penetrated.

That was the motivation to make a complete list of best femdom sites dedicated to strapon domination (excluding strapon dating and strapon lesbians) where you can find strapon sites with top quality galleries and humiliating ass fucking videos.

The criteria to get on the top 10 strapon list are the amount of content, quality (exclusivity, realism) and site update frequency.

Anal penetration with plastic dicks is usually combined well with stuff like BDSM bondage, latex rubber leather fetish, balls torture, and much more.

Membership is required to watch photos and videos of course, but there is a nice preview section for each of their updates.

Clubdom strapon samples: This site has a little bit different approach to showing the importance of strapon power.

Choice of Mistresses is not so big as on the sites above, but the brutality is extreme and will satisfy most demanding strapon lovers.

The site is online back from 2005 and with constant updates, it is now one of the biggest and definitely best female supremacy and also strapon domination websites.

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