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The designer file is a file that is autogenerated from the ASPX page and allows the programmer to reference components in the ASPX page from the CS page without having to declare them manually, as was necessary in ASP.

When using this style of programming, the developer writes code to respond to different events, such as the page being loaded, or a control being clicked, rather than a procedural walkthrough of the document.

NET Framework 2.0, Microsoft introduced a new code-behind model that lets static text remain on the page, while dynamic code remains in an vb or cs or fs file (depending on the programming language used).

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The designer file contains all the code that's generated by the form designer and the other file is where you write your user code.

Preet showed me that you can do the same thing by modifying the .csproj file (aka the MSBuild file) and add a Dependent Upon child element to any item that you want to appear below another.

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This practice is automatic in Visual Studio and other IDEs, though the user can change the code-behind page.

It was first released in January 2002 with version 1.0 of the .

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