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"Not everyone you meet and date through is just another member."In an interview with the Long Island-based newspaper Newsday, Richard Quintilone, Mr Evans's lawyer, said that paid women in large towns and cities to go on dates with members.

"She told him she had to have face contact with 100 people a month."He said that his clients also received e-mails, called "winks", implying that another member was interested in them, he added. Evans's case, not only did he get a wink, he got a date," said Mr Quintilone.

In an attempt to address the loneliness she felt, Jane Park is offering men an annual "allowance" of £60,000 (S$107,085) to date her, as reported by the Mirror on Monday (Nov 11).

To make the process easier, the 23-year-old millionaire will launch a website where interested men can apply to be her boyfriend.

is part of the New York-based IAC/Interactive Corp, run by Barry Diller, the former television executive who set up Rupert Murdoch's Fox network.

He is married to the fashion designer Diane von Furstenburg.

Can you direct me to a group spanning all ages where I can go and scream silently into someone's lap when it hurts; find dudes to hang with to help fight the loneliness and terrors; and share achievements in my life?

The last time we were all together was a group 40th birthday party in New Orleans. We have full-time jobs, kids to raise, and endless family obligations.

His lawsuit also claims that website employees go through customers' e-mails to help "make themselves appear to be the 'perfect match' to that person.

The paid employee then goes on a date with the subscriber, gives the deceptive appearance of having a lot in common with the subscriber with the intent of luring the subscriber into re-signing with".

Mr Quintilone believes that after publicity surrounding his client's case, other aggrieved customers will now come forward to form a class action lawsuit.

Kristin Kelly, a spokesman, described the allegations as having "no basis in fact" and "completely without merit".

Disconnected men have no social contact, no warmth, no support, no touch, no one to celebrate successes, no shoulder to lean on during tough times. If you have a guy friend, call him and let him know you’re thinking of him. Are you a guy who has experienced this slow fracturing of social bonds?

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