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It's easy to fall into a relationship with someone who may not be in it (or into you) for the right reasons. Or, in this case, maybe your dude just has no one else to turn to.

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If he's fresh out of a relationship and already all about spending time with you, he may just be using you to fill a void.

According to Safran, it's best to ask yourself, "Does he talk too much about his ex?

Odds are he's still hung up on the idea of having that person by his side all the time."Even if the marriage 'ended' before [a divorce] was filed, most people that have committed vows to someone will realize that every relationship has its perks and downfalls which if they haven't had time to reflect, they might only be idealizing you," says Safran. It's important to remember that you'll find someone who thinks you're perfect, not just a space-filler when he doesn't have anything else to do.

Vinton's version was noted for his sobbing emotionally during the second verse.

The song was parodied in the 2006 animated film Flushed Away.

In 2018 Angelina Jordan released a version on her album It's Magic.Vinton and Gene Allan later re-teamed to compose "Coming Home Soldier", which reached No. Epic Records never had much initial faith in Bobby Vinton, but he turned out to be their best selling 1960s artist, this being one example of the matter.Bobby included it on his single-take first vocal album "Roses Are Red," but it was not initially released as a single.Stef Safran, a Chicago-based matchmaker, says that if a guy claims he's not looking for a long-term relationship right now, you should believe him.There's a chance he may just be keeping you around to quell his loneliness."If he tells you this once, listen to it," says Safran.If he doesn't prioritize you, and instead just keeps you around until he's got something else going on, he's not in it for the right reasons. Though he may just be a narcissist (which is also bad), if your guy can't stop blabbering on about himself and the most mundane details of his day, it could be due to the fact that he's lonely AF.

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