Looking for advice on dating

But if you're spending all this energy worrying about how to make things click, chances are you can't be as entertaining, charming, and flirty.And that's what keeps the spark going in the early stages.

She understands that relationships are all new experiences to test out what one like / dislikes, and is comfortable with the fact that many relationships may not work before settling down.

Now, after I came back, we continued texting (for what it's worth, she texted me first the day after our last date to ask about my drive back).

So on the third date, I had her come over again to my place, and finally went in for the kiss, which she received happily.

She also had brought me a gift, which was really sweet and a very good sign.

Now this would be a red flag, but she has messaged me saying "I told my friends that I'm seeing you", which does show investment.

We aren't seeing each other until at least 2 weeks later, so I want to ask, how should I go about this to maintain her interest?

Notably, she didn't want her friends to know we met on Tinder, because she thinks it's a trashy way to meet people (not sure if this has anything to do with what happens in the next paragraph).

We then headed back to her place and I made out with her before leaving.

Hoping we are clear with ourselves first what it is we want No one's going to give you grief over not kissing haha, at least I won't.

Every girl I ever dated in college I waited 4 dates to kiss them so you're ahead of the curve I'd say!

We had dinner and she came over to hang out to my place (I still hadn't kissed her at this point, which I know I will get feedback about in this thread, but I am still having trouble with the transition).

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