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Besides browser and website information, your Mac keeps several caches of its own for different reasons.

The good news is you can clean them up manually, or you can clean them with a special app which can clear the browser cache in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, as well as your system cache, email cache, user cache files, and even your DNS cache files.

Some Mac users may want to clear caches and clean out temporary files from Mac OS.

After a fresh backup has completed, here is how to delete and clear cache and temp files from the active user: * The caches folder will contain many nonsensical file names and folder names, with names like “ Tunes” and “ To find a specific app cache, you’d look for a folder of file that matches the name, for example the contents of “ This caches and temporary files folder is not intended to be user facing or user friendly, so don’t expect it to be.

If you are aiming to clean out web browser caches, a better approach is to empty cache in Safari on the Mac or empty cache in Chrome on the Mac, both of which can be done directly from the web browser apps themselves.

It takes some time and patience, but if you follow our instructions, you can get the job done all by yourself. Deselect everything but System Cache Files and User Cache Files, then click Clean.

Your Mac’s DNS cache is a list of all the DNS queries that were resolved for every site.

Some apps and utilities can build up cache sizes that reach into gigabytes.

This is often just a waste of space, particularly with apps you don’t use every day.

Generally you’d only want to trash caches if they’re hogging a large amount of storage capacity, or if a particular app is not functioning properly or is serving stale data served from old cache.

Despite what some “cleaner” apps might claim, cleaning our Mac cache and temporary files is not going to give your computer a magical super performance boost or make you more popular with the ladies and gents, all it does is remove temporary files from the computer.

There are three types of caches you can clean on your Mac: Old cache files do nothing but cluttering your system and slowing down your Mac through all the wasted space it is taking up.

Here's a guide to cleaning all these caches, at the end of which your Mac will be lighter and leaner.

Be careful: not all app cache files can be safely deleted.

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