Macro turn off screenupdating

I would like the queries to be invisible while they are running, but currently the user sees 50 query windows open/close which is ugly.

Is there a way to automatically minimize/hide query windows or disable screen update?

So, I prefer Open Query action rather than Run SQL action.

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Check out Something that is not mentioned is that the macro will run faster as Excel doesn't have to constantly refresh the screen.

A form's Resize event as well as firing when a user resizes a form, also fires when a form is loaded.

For example, this code will resize a sub-form within a resized form: [font=Verdana][size=2]You should not have to do all that.

It is also useful to turn off automatic recalculation to improve macro execution speed on large spreadsheets.

How much faster will depend on the macro itself and how many changes it makes to a worksheet and then on how much recalculation that is done, but on a large spreadsheet this can make a significant improvement in performance.

Queries will run in the background if the correct command syntax is used.

What method (action) are you using to execute your queries in the macro? I use the following Macro Options: Action: Open Query View: Datasheet Data Mode: Edit I would like to have each query saved with a different query name, so that I can modify them easily.

The idea is to use the first line near the beginning of your macro, and then use the second line near the end.

Thus, the main body of your macro can do its work behind the scenes without the necessity of stopping to update the screen.

What method (action) are you using to execute your queries in the macro?

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