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The Veda Vidnyana Mandala, Pune, The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War FOREWORD Dr. He has written and published 1 2 books in Marathi and four books in English and has earned a reputation as the original thinker and researcher having clear and open mind . Vartak is our closest and dearest friend we feel that it will not be proper for us to write a formal foreword, so we print here two of the letters from experts. When' the subject is thrashed out by competent astronomical authorities, the historians’ attention may be drawn to it and may be considered for acceptance. This has been done by -considering the references from the view-point of consistency. The seasonal references to various incident^ in the Mahabharata are investigated and they also agree with calculations of the exact dates during the period mentioned. [3] The Scientific Explanation of the Upanishads, two volumes, (4) Patanjala Yoga and (5) the Geeta. [8] Jesus 7 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War Christ was a Hindu Tamil Brahmin. [16] Jesus the Christ was a Hindu, published by Vedic Science, Delhi. V.episodes on DD1 , 3 on DD2, Cable TV Mayaboli, Cable TV [Mumbai]on Bheema [in Hindi & Marathi], Christ and Bajirao the Great. All India Radio - many lectures are given from Pune, Mumbai, Alahabad, Ratnagiri. Still helping the people by the Spiritual as well as the medical knowledge. Multiplying 9 by 960 we see that 8640 years ago the Ramayana happened.

He is our most active research worker doing research in Ancient Indian Science and Culture since 1 956. 3 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War As historians are not the competent authority to judge the veracity of your paper, may I advise you to give wider publicity to your articles in the standard astronomical journals of India and abroad after modifying the titles of your articles so as to give them astronomical instead of historical look, so that you may receive authoritative and worthwhile comments of some notable scholar of astronomy on your method and calculations. in the various constellations are finalised by properly understanding the distribution in the Sayan and Nirayan systems. [2] Vastava Ramayana narrating true history of Rama, fixing dates of almost 50 incidents with the help of Astronomical mathematics. [1 5]Scientific Knowledge in the Upanishads and Geeta is handed over to Hinduja Foundation, Delhi for publication. In other words on 22nd June at the Summer solstice the Sun was residing in Chitra Naksatra during the Ramayana era. The Sun at Summer solstice has shifted by nine Naksatras from Chitra to Ardra.

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The founder member of the Veda Vidnyana Mandala, Pune, Dr. and has read research papers in many conferences all over India. Having a scientific attitute he turned to the study of ancient Indian sciences. If we bear this knowledge in our mind we can easily find out the approximate period of any incident, because if we know the lunar month and the Rtu we can locate the position of the Sun and the Moon. In addition to this superb method of fixing the time the ancient sages deviced one more method to pinpoint the time by giving the planetary positions. After this, it is reported in Vana157 that, the fifth year began.

To undertake this responsibility Veda Vidnyana Mandala, Pune has come forwards. Vartak has done a deep research, since 1968, on the chronology of the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Vedas etc. But unfortunately it could not be published in his life. 47 By this ingenious way they correlated the lunar year with the solar year.

There is a definite mathematics behind the rotations of the Planets. 21 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War SRIMAD BHAGAWATA a) Bhagawata (9-22-35 onwards) 9 gives a list of future Emperors and not of ordinary kings. “From Ksemaka the Pandava Dynasty will end in Kaliyuga, and Magadha Dynasty will start.' 1 This is the quotation from Bhagawata 9-22-45. 'Pandava Dynasty will end in Kaliyuga.’ This shows that these 28 Pandava Kings were prior to the Kaliyuga, i.e. So we can find out that 28 Kaurava kings have ruled for 1 273 years and then Magadha Dynasty started with king Sahadeva, whose son was Somapi. Kartika 1823 Ram Samvat The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War IMPORTANT DATES FROM THE FOREST LIFE We have seen that the forest life started on 4th Sept.5574 BC. By the modern calendar the date, 13th months hence, would be 4 th October 5573 BC. After completion of twelve years Pandawas should have gone underground; but in Ghosa Yatra incident they came forward openly, to help Kauravas. This statement 80 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War clearly shows that 12 years were not yet completed, only eleven years had been completed then. Pandavas entered Dwaita Vana and stayed there for 1 year and 8 months 127 (Bhandarkar Vana 244/1 2).

We have printed other well studied research paper on the Date of the Rama-Ravana War and the Vedic Chronology, written by Dr. It has mentioned the evening of Dwapara Yuga (Adi 2/1 3 s , Vana 149-39 6 , Salya 7 60-25). 8 Thus the assumption was wrong so the date is wrong. Apte of Gwalior to calculate and find the Planetary positions on 3101 BC. Apte sent him the calculated planetary positions which did not tally with the planetary positions mentioned by Vyasa in the Mahabharata, so he labelled that Vyasa has written the planetary positions ignorantly, without knowledge of Astronomy. You cannot arbitrarily take any date and try to correlate planetary positions with it. From this we can calculate 5451 years for 138 generations. This Bacchus may be the famous Bakasura who was killed by Bhimsena. Thus we see that the Mahabharata period ranges from 5334 BC to 6700 BC. It gives 28 Kaurava Kings from Pariksit to Ksemaka. 10 Here it has given the average of 1 000 years for 22 kings. These are lunar months and not solar months like modern calendar. This is the experience in September and we have derived the month of September above. Four years 112 passed after this according to Vana 158. The reason is that after this incident there happened the famous event of the Ghosa Yatra. Dharmaraja replied ’’According to my oath, we will complete 1 2 years in forest and one year underground and then only we will be in your hands” (Bhandarkar Vana 180/38) 126 .

A SINCERE REQUEST The Mahabharata war is the most important incident in the history of india, because it affected and changed the whole history of India. It will also be useful to determine the changes in the seaso Vis mentioned and comparing them to the period obtained by applying the principle of the two systems of calendar - Solar and the Luni-Solar and calculating the difference due to the precession of the earth’s axis. Vartak are more correct than the various other dates proppunded 5 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War by other workers in the field who have been carried away by the statements made by Western scholars. Out of 700 we received about 80 responses by letters, all upholding Dr. These two were superimposed during last two thousand years and therefore people started thinking that Chaitra means Madhu.

Vartak Trimurti Enterprises Appa Balawant Chowk, Narayan Peth, Pune - 30. 4030552 Publisher Veda Vidnyana Mandala, Pune "Vartakashrama" 497, Shaniwar Peth, Pune -411 030, India. 100 /- The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War THE SCIENTIFIC DATING OF THE MAHABHARATA WAR. But it is quite reasonable to conclude that the dates as obtained by Dr. It is possible to find the dates of other works, medieval and ancient, and verifying these with the actuals as known to us. Wrangler Vishnupant Naralikar (Senior) also had accepted the date of the Mahabharata derived by Dr. Thus expert historians and astronomers-mathematicians have praised the work of Dr. During 1 989, we had circulated about700 copies of the first edition to scholars throughout India. Has received a degree of Doctor of Philosophy, in Literature, by The International University of Contemporary Studies, Washington DC, U. Many scholars have wrongly translated Madhu Masa as Chaitra.

He has surpassed all the scholars because he has fixed the dates of almost sixty incidents from the Mahabharata, proving the historicity of the Epic. We can make use of this fixed calendar and can easily calculate the dates in the past history, relying on motion of the Earth around the Sun and the precessional rate, provided we get the records kept in the Indian style showing the lunar month and the Rtu. Multiplying 138 generations by 36.3 years we get 5013.9 years before Chandragupta Maurya. There was greenary every where because grass was grown 1 ”. According to lunar method the Tithi would fall back by 40 days. After this date Pandavas went to Kamyaka Vana again. 166) Vana Parval 76 states that Pandavas spent four years in Kubera forest and they had spent 6 years previously 117 . We have seen above that they had completed six years from 5574 to 5568 years BC according to scientific modern calendar of solar system. Later they spent one month in Badarikasrama from 20th June to 19th July 5564 B. One year 120 from this date, they spent in Dwaita Vana near origin of the river Yamuna (Vana 177). It is also stated that after this Varsa l^tu, Sarad appeared 122 . Thus there is some confusion - not made by Vyasa but by the scholars. Y^ Rhhi era uftfcfenra i 3ifo5 ^jft FT Rife 91 J»Pl Sid?

He has solved many riddles from the Mahabharata giving logical interpretations. Mahalingam (Madras) for his kind donation for publication of the first edition of this book. Thus even if these dates change due to some reason or other, they will be again adjusted to these cardinal points. Because there were no murders of the kings, the Hindu Kings ruled for prolonged time so the average is 36 years per King. After this Vana Parva 37 quotes that Pandavas entered Kamyaka Vana. The date of beginning of banishment into forest was 4th Sept. Hence when Arjuna came back there was 30th July 5568 BC. When the 1 2th year started, they came near Marudhanva on the bank of river Saraswati in Dwaitavana. As our mathematics tallies with the seasons we are correct. The description is of the real rainy season which comes after summer. nfr ^nft h Rtwi Ri iis3ii ^o) g^9Tif *rra ^ Tran *rr Rnft i ? fercr TRf ep’l'Cci i: I 3TH«jt dl-i|JJgu|n S J|1$ iig^TT: siftgii ss u S 3 ?

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