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When she recovered from her chagrin, she reloaded to lose the bruise and trotted up to the door nervously.

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The Plan was years in the making, with seemingly insurmountable barriers halting progress for months until they fell before her great intellect.

Twilight's biggest problem was that this Plan could not be allowed to fail.

She needed a safeguard and after weeks of effort, modifying the time magics she found in the Starswirl the Bearded in of the Canterlot library provided the key.

With long and painstaking labour, she developed a spell that would allow her to 'save' and 'reload' her life, keeping all her memories between saves.

Satisfied that the spell was cast, she departed leaving a note to Spike informing him that he was in charge until she got back.

The train journey was nerve-wracking as she came ever closer to her love, her destiny.

Many ponies underestimated the power of checklists, but Twilight Sparkle wasn’t one of them.

Almost any problem she faced could be solved with a checklist, just so long as she had time to compile one.

Longer than any other, it laid down a complex plan of breathtaking audacity.

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