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With your concern and your cooperation, we will continue to motivate, protect, enable, and nurture all of our children, whether they are in the classroom or on the school bus.Pupils who misbehave while riding the bus, after previous warning and notification to parents, may be suspended from transportation for a prescribed period.If you would like this practice waived for your child, please send us your request in writing.

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Therefore, it is important that each student rides ONLY the bus that is assigned - no switching will be allowed-not even from a later to an earlier, or from an earlier to a later bus.

No exceptions will be made under any circumstances.

Parents are expected to arrange alternative transportation.

(A copy of School Bus Conduct and Safety Rules, detailing expectations of behavior and a schedule of disciplinary actions, is available through the Transportation Department.) Except for students with handicapping conditions as determined by the Committee on Special Education, eligibility for transportation is based solely on distance between the student's residence and his/her school of attendance.

Buses are authorized to stop only at established locations (stops) on the route.

Except for emergencies, the driver is not allowed to alter his/her the order of his/her established bus route, nor allow children board or disembark the bus at a location that is not listed as that child's own bus stop.

Las solicitudes completadas deberán enviarse a [email protected]

The routing process is complicated by changing demographics, movement of students through grades and varying dismissal schedules for different schools on different days.

School transportation is provided on days and at times established by the school's official calendar, and will conform to subsequent changes as approved by the Transportation Department.

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