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TV Guide talked to Czuchry at the Television Critics Association winter press tour about what that final scene says about his character and where " width="1600" height="1067" title="Matt Czuchry, The Resident​" data-amp-src="" /The last scene feels like a turning point, or is this a line Conrad has crossed before?

Matt Czuchry: For him, it's about preserving a life.

He clearly knows that Bell is past his prime, but how much does he know about Bell's condition and what's going on? The question with Bell is that his medical errors have been rising a concerning amount. As he says in the pilot, "You need to consider a change before you kill any more patients." Medical error happens in a hospital, but the medical error for Bell is happening over and over to a degree where now its no longer acceptable.

Trailer: Matt Czuchry and Emily Van Camp Are TV's Next Hot Hospital Couple What is Conrad's motivation in this series?

It's a balancing act of how much does Conrad push, how much does he pull. You'll see over the course of the season that he has some dirt on Bell and Bell has some dirt on Conrad.

They use that to manipulate each other to get what they want. For Conrad, Bell represents the system...[but] he knows that if he wants to stay in his position and help his patients he's going to have to work with Bell in some capacity.

That relationship ebbs and flows throughout the course of the season, but that's the basis of what the relationship is.

They have two different perspectives on medicine in general at this particular point in their careers.

introduced us to a new kind of doctor with Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry).

The medical series follows baby-faced medical school graduate Devon Prevesh (Manish Dayal) on his first day of residency.

Conrad has — this is his third year at the hospital, plus he was on the battlefield in the military. The dynamic is that Conrad is trying to impart his wisdom onto Devon.

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