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Luckily Blanca shows up to do a duet with him on “Home” from the musical Clearly that was not Blanca’s real singing voice, right?I mean, there are no ways the deep, dulcet tones we saw on the show could possibly come out of the same body as Blanca’s normal speaking voice.

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You knew this story would be important because they trotted out Sandra Bernhard to play Nurse Judy.

(Fun fact: Nurse Judy is actually Nurse Jackie’s mother.) Judy is working at the drab AIDS ward of the hospital and she charges Pray Tell with livening the place up a bit.

He decides he’ll do that by staging a little cabaret performance.

Actually, he just gets two streamers, a piano player, and decides to sing a solo because it didn’t seem like there were any other “acts” in this cabaret.

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That one scene should cure any viewer of ever thinking it’s okay to ask a trans person that intimate question ever again.

While Patty showed some guts approaching Angel, she was a chicken when dealing with everything else.

Everyone is trying to turn the illusion of their lives into the reality. Is he going to try to have a real relationship with Angel or is he going to leave her so that he can try to reconcile with Patty.

Now that Patty dumped Stan, he shows up at Peep World back into Angel’s booth. Why all the damn cliffhangers, The other big story this week was about Pray Tell finally confronting the death of his boyfriend Kostas and, by extension, his own mortality now that he knows he’s contracted HIV.

All of this happens without confronting him or asking for an explanation.

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