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I would really have loved these if the the holes lined up with the legs!

I would also like to see more color options, but I am one that loves bright, bold colors when I organize. They are supposed to stack but almost everyone is uneven.

I can’t only get 2-3 legs to line up enough with each hole leaving them unsteady when stacked.

Description: Our fun Clear Stackable Plastic Storage Baskets are an easy, durable, style-minded approach to storage. Tidy up magazines or games in a living room, store toys in a kid's room, organize supplies in a kitchen, laundry or craft room. These little storage bins are great and so affordable.

I didn't want to get a large dresser and for my closet so I used these and they hold a lot and work perfect.

They aren't as nice looking as the painted wooden toy bins, but they are much cheaper and have a smaller footprint.

We aren't committed to always keeping toys in this spot, so these will be easy to move around, as needed. :)I bought these online and loved the look of them stacked. However, they don’t fit into each other well so if they are stacked they can just pop out easily.

I purchased these at my local store to help organize my 12 inch rolls of vinly and other Cricut supplies.

I am pretty sure I received a set that was defective due to the fact that it was hard to align all the holes/legs without the lower basket not staying connected to the other lower baskets.

Description: Our Inter Design Open Stack Baskets turn a time-tested standard - the simple wire basket - into a stylish new accent.

The handles of each fold inward so you can stack multiples securely, letting you maximize vertical space on a countertop, in a pantry or inside a cabinet. Description: On the bright side of household chores is this fun and functional laundry basket from the United Kingdom.

Ours are a little warped so they pop out really easily and are very hard to fit back together. (Three high) if I lived in the same town as a container store I’d definitely get my money back I like the fact that it is colorful and very easily accessible as I used them to store my daughter's toys and books.

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