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replied back to me and insisted that they have photos of her receiving flowers and they have a copy of her passport as well.I asked them to send me a few of the pics of this female receiving any of the mysterious flowers and they replied back and told me those pics are privately shared with the individuals who sent the flowers.Many men have been captivated by the kindness and beauty of the women of Russia and Ukraine and this site allows you to browse through thousands of profiles.

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I contacted about 5 girls and none of them would share any contact info with me. The past wave, which also had ‘best’ and ‘dating’ as URL in the spam,ends up at a ‘new’ (and Google does not know about this with spam)

As usual I sign up with spamgourmet addresses there (assuming Confirmed-Opt-In will fail with this spammer) which I create with parts of the formerly advertised URL. What I not (yet) know is if merry-cherry and uadreams might be the same spammer.

She replied back and said, “ I attempted to contact questioning them about what I have found and they insisted that they female I was questioning is a Real Female on their website.

I mentioned that I found her on a modeling website and was in touch with her and she stated that it is not her account.

The packs range from 2 credits for 9 euros all the way up to 30 credits for 77 euros.

Merry Cherry makes it easy for men to contact the most beautiful women of Russia and the Ukraine.I have been using the site for about one and a half years now and I have met someone from the Ukraine that I plan to go and meet this next summer in the Ukraine.I was wondering about any info of reviews that you know of about this dating site.You can contact any women for free by sending them a virtual smiley face, called an “I like You,” note or by sending them a direct message.The “I Like You” notes are free to send and you can send an unlimited amount of them.Here is a sign that they are Not Real: (1) Modeling Pics (2) Online chat-room verses walking around the house (3) Receiving 100’s of letters every week/month from the same girls (4) If you can set up multiple accounts and see the duplicate letters, Copy/Paste style (5) High Price to read/write letters, if it cost more than mailing a standard letter then it is fake . we are dumb for allowing these companies to stay in business when they are 100% fake .

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