Meta dll updating

Now you can bulid your project so whenever you bulid yout project B your B Project's dll copy to the Project A's bin folder.

One thing I've noticed is that when the project reference is removed and re-added to project A, the dll and pdb files have the date modified of when the assembly was added.

However, as soon as I build project A, the date modified changes to a date in the past which corresponds to when project B was edited some time ago.

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After opening the properties you can go to the "Bulid" tab in that you can see the "output" section.

In the "Output" section you can give the path of bin folder of your project A in "Output Path" textbox.

However, the date modified for the dll and pdb file in A are not updated when project A is built.

However, updating the assembly reference in A will change the date modified of the .refresh file, but not of the dll or

I have checked the project references in project A, and the build properties, and build configuration manager options between projects B and C, and can't spot any differences, so I'm not sure why C updates correctly but B doesn't.

Finally, I've tried removing the references to B in A, and then making the output path of project B point to the bin directory of project A, and this works, BUT this is only a workaround, I have other projects which might need to reference project B, and I can't set the output directory to all of them.

However, the date modified for the dll and pdb file in A are not updated.

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