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It was in color.” Jay didn’t have an ideal childhood, to say the least.

It was the kind of tragic origin from which many folks, understandably, have a hard time recovering. Indeed, he’s easily the best Dad I’ve ever seen - which I suspect is predicated on what he didn’t get as a kid.

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith come to YOUR town to show their latest and greatest motion picture, the star studded Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

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He explained that a lot of the things people have seen from Mewes on-screen over the last couple of decades are actually genuine.

"When we met in 1989, he was the most original person I’d ever known," said Smith.

And his response when you demanded to know how he could like a movie or comic book you didn’t deem acceptable was always something whimsical - like 'I dunno.

It was in color.'" At the end of the note, Smith talked about how Mewes has used the tragedies in his own story to become a great man and father.

Back in ‘89/‘90, I’d always say to Jay 'Someone should put you in a movie.' One day I took my own advice, and then kept taking my own advice for the next quarter century.

Jay was like the final Infinity Stone in my gauntlet - and ever since I’ve known him, my life and career have been a snap. Snappy Birthday (which, by the way, is what you say to someone in the Marvel Universe who was returned after Professor Hulk snapped them back)!To celebrate their long-running friendship, and the recently-wrapped film .I may have built the rickety spacecraft but Jay was the rocket fuel that took us from the Jersey ‘burbs to planet Hollywood." As the post continued, Smith told the story of when he first met Mewes back in 1989."His sense of humor, his childlike mannerisms, his made-up language - none of it was familiar or borrowed from a movie or TV show. But in getting to know Jay (or rather inheriting Jay from [Bryan Johnson] and Walt), I realized how he had this million dollar heart.A nickel head sometimes, but always a million dollar heart. Jay never saw a bad movie or read a bad comic book: they were all great, as far as he was concerned.There are many reasons I love #jasonmewes - but chief among them is that he’s been making me laugh for 30 yrs now - and laughter is such a rare commodity, we pay people for it.

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