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Office developer tools in Visual Studio let you create . In order to start developing you have to set up the environment.

The Office Developer Tools are installed by default as part of Visual Studio. In addition, you have to Install a version of Office that is supported by the Office developer tools in Visual Studio.

The PIA enables the managed code in your solution to interact with the Office application’s COM-based object model.

If you would like to create your own startup project, choose C# console application from the list of available templates.

After that you can use Visual Studio productivity tool Power Commands to copy references as shown in the image below and paste them in your project.

Examples in the article are tested with Office 2013/2016.

Make sure that you also install the PIAs (Primary Interop Assemblies) for the version of Office that you install. If you modify the Office setup, make sure that the feature is selected for the applications you want to target.

Download this solution and then open it in Visual Studio.

Make sure that Export To Excel is selected as the startup project.

The Application object exposes a great deal of information about the running application, the options applied to that instance, and the current user objects open within the instance.” If you add a breakpoint on a line after an application object is created (see the image below) and press F5 to start debugging the project, you will notice that nothing changes.

The application is started as hidden because the Visible property is set to false.

In this article, Darko Martinovic demonstrates how to use C# to create several automation solutions, including custom add-ins.

Office components such as Excel or Word, have a powerful GUI, with many options to automate everyday tasks.

In order to prove that the Excel application has started, start Task Manager, and find the Excel application on the list, as shown in the image below.

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