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Bit Titan: Provider of migration solutions to Office 365.Metalogix: Provider of migration solutions to Office 365 and Share Point Online.

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The following sections compare mailbox migration workloads and the observed performance results for the different migration methods for migrating mailboxes and mailbox data to Office 365.

These results are based on internal testing and actual customer migrations to Office 365.

You use a staged migration if you plan to eventually migrate all your organization's mailboxes to Office 365.

Using a staged migration, you migrate batches of on-premises mailboxes to Office 365 over the course of a few weeks or months.

Note The performance information listed in this topic doesn't apply to Office 365 service for dedicated subscription plans.

For more information about Dedicated Plans, see Office 365 Dedicated Plans Service Descriptions.

For more details, see Get enterprise-grade global data location controls with Multi-Geo.

O365 Service Encryption with Customer Key is a feature that allows a customer to provision and manage the root keys that are used to encrypt data at-rest at the application layer in Office 365.

The other main migration method involves hybrid moves, which is currently the most common method.

You can decide exactly when you'd like to migrate to Microsoft 365, based on your business needs.

For a mailbox to become encrypted the first time, a mailbox move is required.

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