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Michael-Albertville ranked sixth best school district in Minnesota Election: Two of three Richfield School Board incumbents file for re-election Election: St.

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School district officials declined an interview request Friday.

Instead, they provided a statement that said improvements to English language learner programs and services are a “specific focus” of their new strategic plan.

They didn’t like the budget Silva presented, sent her back to do it their way and when the river of superfluous money failed to appear volunteered to buy out her contract.

They didn’t have cause to let her go, so the cost of this maneuver approached $1 million.

But teachers complained that the moves were made with little regard for individual students’ needs and without needed classroom supports.

Sommerville credited the teachers union with improving conditions for English learners through their most recent contract negotiations.

They include: In the settlement agreement, the district pledged to continue offering a six-year pathway to graduation; requiring four-day training on English learners for all teachers and building administrators; and ensuring English learners don’t have to wait years to get evaluated for special-education services.

They also promised to have teachers, experts and family liaisons evaluate the district’s English learner program each year and make that report publicly available.

“Hopefully going forward, this agreement will remind everyone that this is a population that cannot go unnoticed.” Under former Superintendent Valeria Silva, the district pushed English learners and special-education students into mainstream classes.

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