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He resigned these to Gavin Dunbar junior after being provided as Bishop of Aberdeen on 5 November 1518.Lindsay was provided by the Pope to deanery after Vaiche's death, perhaps in ignorance of the election of Dunbar.He was provost of Kilmun when he succeeded his uncle John.

According to papal documents, Harcars was provided to the deanery on 11 December 1368, despite the apparent provision of Kylwose four days before.

He died sometime before , apparently without ever having possession of the deanery. He was provided as Bishop of Orkney on 27 January 1384 but on 10 February was granted dispensation to retain the deanery along with his Orkney bishopric, of which he never had possession (see Western Schism).

He received crown presentation and permission to seek confirmation from Rome on 30 September 1559 but this did not work out because of the Scottish Reformation.

He was still only succentor on 10 December 1565, when the crown recognised his superior right over Campbell, and although he was instituted as Dean on 24 December, it was not until 27 June 1566 that he is first styled "Dean".

After the death of Vaiche in 1486, he was elected by the chapter; in the following year, 1487, he was confirmed by both the Bishop of Moray and the Pope.

He resigned the running of the deanery to Gavin Dunbar junior in 1517, but retained the rights to the fruits of the benefice.

Stewart was elected to the deanery following the death of Douglas (1424 × 1428) and had possession by 11 August 1428, when he received papal provision.

Stewart still had possession on 26 February 1433 but had died sometime before 9 January 1434.

Chisholm claimed to have had papal provision to deanery after elevation to bishopric of Andrew Stewart. He resigned his right on 1 March 1487 but got new provision on 27 March, despite being provided as Bishop of Dunblane in the previous January.

Dunbar had some rights to the deanery in 1484, which he resigned in the same year.

He is attested as dean in two documents, dated 4 February and 20 March 1249.

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