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But avoid listening while you’re driving or when doing something that requires your full attention.

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In most cases, our healing music sounds best at a moderate-low volume. That being said, different people will have slightly different volume preferences. We suggest using the healing music as a meditation or while in a focused, relaxed state, like when working on the computer or reading on the sofa.

That being said, it can be used almost any time – even when you sleep.

There’s no “right” order to play the Solfeggio frequencies in.

You can start with the beginning, middle, or last frequencies.

It doesn’t have to be a clearing in a sacred forest or a Buddhist temple in the mountains.

It can be your bedroom, your backyard, or even a closet.

This list of the most intimidating athletes in recent memory ranks the top sports stars and players from any sport who simply scared the pants off their opponents.

Whether it was their fastball, penchant for trash-talk, hard-hitting tackles, or ferocity on the ice, these athletes were truly intimidating, even startling fans and viewers at home with their fire.

You can listen for ten minutes, an hour, or all day. You’ll start to see the best benefits after listening for at least a few times a week over a period over a couple months.

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