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When Selina calls Catherine to tell her to apologize, Selina not only frustrates Catherine to the point where Catherine hangs up but also learns Catherine is dating an Iranian student named Rahim.Selina ultimately flies Catherine to a Marine base to have a face-to-face chat.Catherine Selina Meyer (born 1994) is the daughter of Selina Meyer, the 45th and 47th President of the United States, and Andrew Meyer. Catherine seems to be disillusioned by both her mother's political dirty work as well as the messy divorce of her mother and father.

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Her son, Richard Meyer-Palmiotti, was born in January 2019.

Despite her reservations over her mother's career Catherine often takes on the jobs that Selina's spouse would do such as holding the bible when Selina is sworn in, appearing in interviews to show Selina's home life and accompanying her mother to campaign events.

Catherine first appears in the third episode of the series.

She arrives at the Vice President's office during a particularly stressful day for her mother, who is dealing with the fallout over the Clean Jobs Bill.

When her mother has a breakdown in Alicia she gets her to snap out of it by telling Selina that her childhood was miserable but that it would all be worth it she became president.

After the speech, Selina criticizes Catherine's outfit, which looks exactly like hers, and appears to have returned to normal.

The dinner also goes downhill when Catherine has to watch with obvious horror as her mother and father flirt aggressively.

On the way home from the dinner, she is abandoned by both her mother and father and then catches them kissing the street.

Catherine returns later in the season in the episode Andrew.

Selina throws Catherine a 21st birthday party, a lavish affair that Catherine clearly did not want to attend as she immediately makes plans to leave early with Rahim.

Catherine begins filming her mother at work for her thesis film in order to complete film school.

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