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Close Set rst Records = Nothing Set db = Nothing End Function Note: Don’t Move Last unless you really need to: this will be slow with a large recordset or a recordset drawn across a network.If you do not test for No Match, your code will appear to work until you strike a case where the find fails.

If any linked table has been moved to a different location, the Linked Table Manager prompts you with a dialog box so that you can specify the new file location.

You can also select the Always Prompt For New Location check box to verify the file location for all linked tables.

In the Navigation pane, simply select the table you want to unlink and then press the Delete key or click the Delete command in the Records group on the Home tab on the ribbon. Note: If you click the Cut command in the Clipboard group on the Home tab of the ribbon to unlink a table, Access does not display the confirmation message.

If you move some or all of your linked tables to a different location, you must either delete your linked tables and relink them or update the location information before you can open the tables.

Changing a table's design in Access has no effect on the original table in its source database.

However, if the design of the table in the source database changes, you must relink the table to Access.

The following code uses the DAO database and Recordset objects to open the table, evaluate the Sales YTD field using a Select Case statement and then updating the Rating field with the value set in the variable str Rating.

The Rating field will be updated for each sales person based on their Sales YTD value.

You can make some changes to the definitions of linked tables to customize them for use in your Access 2010 environment.

When you attempt to open the table in Design view, Access opens a dialog box to warn you that you cannot modify certain properties of a linked table.

You can easily update the location information in the table links by using the Linked Table Manager.

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