Musician dating service

I fell into a conversation with their publicist about this investor, and together we came to a conclusion: in the spirit of the market-disruption so prevalent in the music industry, there should be a matching system—a dating service of sorts—between would-be investors and musicians looking for funding, something that took the Kickstarter model into a sphere where investors routinely put in large lump sums.

I did this to test voracity and intentions, and if ever I came out swinging for a gotcha moment, it was now.

However, to Kotliar’s credit, his response displayed acumen, poise, and transparency: “it’s more of a UK example,” he told me.

The music industry, in totem, can often a fraction of what makes in a whole year; still, it happens to circulate around a constellation of stars.

It reminds you of the old joke: what’s the quickest way to become a millionaire? The analogy isn’t perfect, of course; there’s little outwardly exciting about the aviation business.

Tastebuds, a dating app that matches people up based on their taste of music.

The app has been around for a few years now and was created by two guys who love music and are musicians themselves.Recently I was at a Stone Foxes show following up on a piece I had written about them last summer: they are an example of a band who survives almost entirely off of licensing money.I write “almost,” because they do happen to have an independent investor—one who acts roughly as patrons of old used to do, supplying capital for ventures every once and a while.The allure of it—the prestige of being associated with something so creative—can be more validating than mere financial success (so can a crack at the lifestyle, glorified in a show like Vinyl and lampooned in the opening scenes of Silicon Valley’s pilot).In such a light, the music industry might just constitute a vanity project for venture capitalists.As to the first the question, I was told upfront that while Livamp does have a sizeable network base, there are, of course, no guarantees.

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