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And if youre constantly freaking out on your boyfriend about this, or spying on him (even worse) things are going to get very rocky between you guys. (You wouldnt want him coming everywhere with you and your best friend either.) Seeing them in action together should help you understand their relationship, and make you more comfortable with it.

Its normal to feel a twinge of jealously and toss out a subtle comment or two while youre getting adjusted to the other girl. Now, say your suggestion to hang around with them doesnt go over well; one or both of them is being wishy-washy, or they reluctantly let you come, but he doesnt want to hold your hand; or they treat you like a tagalong and seem flirtatious with one another.

It wasn't until I met Jenna* that things began to change.

I walked into yearbook class sophomore year of high school and took a seat at an empty table.

Then you have the right to ask whats really going on cause thats suspicious behavior and you deserve answers.

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