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You have to build a solid steel bond of trust and love between each other.

I’m insistent that his story is untrue, and he says, “Are you calling my friend a liar? ” At this point he’s standing on the other side of my door, and I muster my best Joan Crawford/Peaches Christ voice and say, “Well, my dear, I know your friend was never blown by Peaches Christ, because were just blown by Peaches Christ!

” His mouth dropped open, and I slammed and locked the door.

I was wearing a little mini white dress and a honey-blonde wig.

I spotted a cute little bear cub couple who I had never seen before in the corner getting rather touchy with each other, and I decided to approach the little escapade.

It all comes down to being a stand-up, honest, secure and direct person to whomever you’re choosing to be in a relationship with, and communicating honestly about your needs openly.

Another important key to a successful relationship is not giving up.

Money, communication, family, lifestyle choices—there are many challenges for new relationships, but you have to show your partner that you are there for them through it all.

If they are ever standing there poor, beat up, out of shape and completely abandoned, when they turn around you need to be standing there ready to pick them up and love them.

However, one comes to mind that is short and sweet and left me feeling like a bag of dirty used-up eyelashes.

Around six years ago, when I still lived in San Francisco, I had just finished performing at The Supper Club and went to an after-party thrown by the Radical Faeries. I’d had my fair share of drinks and a little recreational drug usage and was feeling rather frisky.

I don’t remember my exact words, but they were definitely along the lines of a proposition.

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