My rulebook for internet dating

Sex means different things to different people, and its importance level in someone's life isn't always the same.

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How people deal with breakups and treat the people to whom they were once close really speaks volumes.

"Sure, dating can feel labor-intensive and tiresome, and if you let it, it can consume up to 12 hours a week (how long the average online dater spends swiping! "But don't consider dating a job, and don't consider dates an interview."Kaplan suggests trying to shift your perspective and consider meeting new people as simply meeting new people, not someone who's going to be a future partner. For a woman to pursue a man, no matter how interested she might be, was just considered inappropriate behavior... According to Ettin, this is a rule that needs to be ditched stat. If you don't feel instant chemistry, don't write someone off.

And don't take her to an NBA game unless she tells you that she just loves basketball.

And even then, you should probably wait until you are deeper into your relationship before you take her to see AI at the Wachovia Center. Do not improvise on the first couple of dates, if you tell her it's dinner and a movie, make sure it's dinner and a movie. Finally, and I know that this is hard for you colored folks. If you tell her you are picking her up at PM, pick her up at PM.

And make sure you know what type of food she likes before you make those reservations. *"Lyrical Soul" caught me slipping with the church reference) seats you close to the kitchen ask for another seat, even if you have to wait a little longer. A sister knows the moment she lays eyes on you if she is going to give you 12. In fact, no flowers on the second or third date, unless, of course, she tells you that she really loves flowers.

Might not be cool to take her to a sea food restaurant if she is allergic to sea food. Do make sure you tell her the type of date it is so that she won't be over or under dressed. Don't say just some jeans and a nice shirt and show up in a three button suit. Or unless your date happens to fall on Valentines Day or her birthday. Oh, and speaking of fancy restaurants, please at least have a clue about what is fancy and what is not. As a rule, you should probably hop around and get her door on your first couple of dates.

"The problem is all inside your head, she said to me The answer is easy if you take it logically I'd like to help you in your struggle to be free There must be fifty ways to leave your lover She said it's really not my habit to intrude Furthermore, I hope my meaning won't be lost or misconstrued But I'll repeat myself, at the risk of being crude There must be fifty ways to leave your lover Fifty ways to leave your lover" ~~Paul Simon~~ See it's like this: While eating out with the lovely Mrs.

Field, earlier,--- in a restaurant where I had to pay half the cost of the Stimulus Package for the damn entree---I had a very interesting and chilly discussion prompted by me making the serious mistake of ordering first. Field said that if we were still dating that would have probably been a second date killer. Field went into a long litany of things that can be a second date killer for black women.

This is one of those deals where you will just have to get a feel for your subject. And if you are approaching the car from her side you ALWAYS get the door as well. Don't take your date to a play unless you know that she likes plays.

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