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What few guys know is that there are at least as many fun daytime activities in Krabi as in Ao Nang, especially the Emerald Lagoon and Tiger Cave Temple on top of a hill with 1,237 steps a few kilometers out of town.

And what even fewer guys know: The nightlife in Krabi Town is better than in Ao Nang. Ao Nang is a total tourist town and has one area with girly bars (called RCA Entertainment) and that’s basically it in terms of mongering options.

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And don’t worry, it’s not like in Bangkok or Pattaya where you need to be careful in most of the karaoke bars that they don’t rip you off and add items to your bill you haven’t ordered.

The karaoke bars in Krabi town are like the beer bars in Pattaya, just mainly catering to Thais. And apart from that, you can also find three great night clubs where some of the nicest Krabi girls go out partying.

Most of these places don’t even offer karaoke and microphones, but the way it works is that you pick one of the girls and she will sit and drink with you.

Some bars don’t even do that – you would pay the manager right away to take one of the girls to your hotel (like the upper left picture is such a place).

There are a bunch of regular bars, massage salons and also the popular Walking Street night market all in this area, and all within walking distance from your hotel. What most guys have no idea about is that the “real” nightlife in Krabi Town is well off the tourist area in riverside, to be precise: Along Maharaj Road in the northern part of town.

There you can find more than two dozen karaoke bars, each packed with young and hot girls.

In the same area like the girly bars up on Maharaj Road, you can also find the 3 most popular night clubs in Krabi Town.

Godang 8 (โกดัง8) is really a mix of hostess bar and night club – it has the typical Thai club setup with many small tables where people sit together in groups, usually sharing a bottle of whiskey, and a live band playing the Thai hits.

What makes it special though is that it has lot and lots of young and very attractive Krabi girls employed.

They are basically hostesses who will happily sit with you – as long as you let them drink with you buy them a few shots.

And then I explain the better nightlife areas on Maharaj Road, as always with pictures, videos and map locations.

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