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Additional filler was provided by a complete listing of the Fred Fish disks.( Source : Wikipedia ) Amiga Dream est la première publication du groupe Posse Press (également éditeur de PC Team).

Elle a été créée à l'époque par Romain Canonge, ancien journaliste d'Amiga Revue, Francis Poulain, ancien membre du service technique de Commodore France et Christine Robert, ancienne rédactrice en chef d'Amiga Revue.

Other Amiga publications from Pi M include AC's Tech for the Amiga and AC's Guide. A frequent column in Amazing Computing was "Roomers" by "the Bandito" which offered unsourced rumors, speculation, and inside information regarding developments on the AMIGA scene.

He refused to allow other Indian political parties to join the Barisan Nasional. The defeat of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) is entirely because of him.

I will follow this with extracts of what Samy Vellu said when I was Prime Minister.

You can then judge what kind of Indian the Indians have as their leader.

It was noted for the quality and learnability of its type-in program listings.[citation needed] It published many games in BASIC and occasionally printed programs in standard, readable assembly language rather than the relatively obscure hexadecimal listings used by other magazines such as Compute! did publish a machine language checksumming program called Flankspeed to compete with the likes of Compute! 's Amiga User was a related but separate publication dedicated to the Amiga. with the same title, and the first two issues were published instead of the parent magazine in May and August 1988. Amazing Computing was a computer magazine devoted to the Amiga computer.

It lasted for 16 issues before going down with its publishers.

The first issue of Amiga Force went on sale around September 1992.Ensuite, le magazine a changé de nom pour Micro News, à partir du 6e numéro en novembre 1987, pour se consacrer à toutes les plate-formes.Le magazine est ensuite devenu mensuel à partir du 8e numéro, en mars 1988.These three characters want the Government to free the Hindraf leaders from detention under the Internal Security Act.They must know that Hindraf represents Tamil racists who still look to their old masters, the British, to protect them. And they speak not just of Indians but of Tamils as a separate race. Seeing the death and destruction inflicted on Sri Lanka by the Tamil Tigers, they threaten to bring this kind of violent racial politics to Malaysia.The March 1994 issue was the last Amiga Force published when Impact Magazines went bust.

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