Naked dating video games

With the obvious exception of Sexy Studly Bearded Ryu.

Since this costume (as far as pair of Hulk-style nope-I’m-not-naked-at-all shorts qualifies as a ‘costume’) was revealed, it’s been brilliantly meme-worthy in its own right.

Just in case you need a little slice of context for this one, that’s Bear Grylls right there.

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There’s always space to resurrect such a classic, though, when it’s used right.

This particular use is so wrong that it’s very, very right. ’s weapon skins, entirely useless cosmetic money-spinners.

," referencing both Ryu’s classic game over screen quote (you must defeat my dragon punch to stand a chance) and beardy Ryu’s butt.

Which is, naturally, as Beyonce once said, , the things that players get up to can become memes in their own right.

While he struggles to be romantic in the traditional sense, he does get shy around the protagonist and talks about wishing he could woo them in a more traditional way.

More often than not, his flirting consists of jokes and athletic offers.

’s beloved pilot and way-tighter-spandex-than-I-want-to-be-looking-at-wearer Captain Falcon hit Smash Bros, he came with a pretty darn awesome move in tow.

The Falcon Punch is a huge, fiery punch as slow as a sloth’s bowel movement, which deals huge damage and knockback to anyone it happens to hit.

Most importantly, it’s accompanied by a badass howl of FALCON PAUNCH from our hero himself.

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