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One drawback you may consider getting an earbud is that cheaper earbuds often run into issues like falling out ears or developing dents as a result of the cheap plastics used in their manufacture.

Headsets, on the other hand, have stronger cords, have available options like Bluetooth and wireless enablement.

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If you enjoy having your headsets around your neck or holding it in your hands while walking around, then headphones are for you.

You can either get ‘DJ style headphones’ this is the kind that stays across your head or ‘Behind the neck headphones’ if the former is uncomfortable for you.

Earbuds are a perfect fit for persons who are short on space, some brands like ‘Seinheisers’ come with little cases where you can put your buds when it is not in use.

The cost price for earbuds is perfect for a limited budget too, this is because there are many brands to pick from and they are relatively cheaper than headphones.

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