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Adam previously worked for Machinima Respawn in Los Angeles with fellow Youtubers such as Hutch, Mr. My Name is Sea Nanners", "The Joy of Gaming" and other shows such as "Respawn Inbox" and vlogs on Respawn with fellow directors, Mr. Soon after Hutch left his job at Machinima, for his own personal reasons, Adam did the same, with Mr. Adam often games with other well-known "Let's Play" You Tubers, such as Gassy Mexican, Captain Sparklez, Ohmwrecker, Chilled Chaos, Mr Sark, Gold Glove TV, The RPGMinx, and others.

"Sea Nanners" was originally his Xbox Live gamertag.

), better known online as Seananners or simply Nanners, is a gameplay commentator on You Tube.

In the past, he mainly commentated over Call of Duty and played on Xbox 360, but he has recently made "the full switch" to PC gaming and has done a large assortment of smaller first person shooters, as well as Minecraft Let's Plays and assorted other games with his fellow You Tubers.

As of May 2015, Max and Renee have broken up, but ended on good terms.

On November 17, 2012, Max was officially removed from The Creatures.

As Adam is often selected as a Traitor and is quite proficient at convincing the Innocent of his trustworthiness (before killing them), Adam's friends have become quite skeptical of his innocence.

Adam, as a Traitor (or aiding one) often ad-libs elaborate stories to attract innocent players, before killing them all.Adam is currently in a relationship with Cathy Diep.Cathy and Adam met during his employment at when Adam was a host for the Respawn team, and she was in Marketing.The Creatures owned a small mansion in Denver, Colorado, from which they record their gameplay shenanigans and upload them to their You Tube channels.After kicking Max from the group the creatures moved to a new home.Adam's daily work-life includes playing various games, and editing/uploading captured footage to Youtube.

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