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Adriana’s cruel and foolish actions leave lives hanging in the balance. Add to that the fact that she is being iced out by her friends and she's become a social pariah.David tries to win Donna back but he may have some fierce competition. But when an old face shows itself to Annie she may not feel so lonely after all.

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Annie Wilson has been keeping the secret of her hit and run with her all summer, never telling anyone what she had done.

Will Annie be able to make people see the truth of the lie that's been spread or will she drown in her own guilt before that happens?

Problem number one: Silver was dating her [Annie's] brother, Dixon. But, how can Silver help - when Annie refuses to tell Silver the truth?

Oh, Beverly Hills, the place of beaches, sun, and dreams come true.

Rose Indigo îsi trăieste viata ca oricare adolescent de varsta ei.

Cand parintii ei divorteaza, ea se inchide intr-un glob de sticla, nelansand pe cineva sa se apropie de ea.

Christen wants to try and be intimate with Tobin, Ali and Ash try to help when Christen doesn't know how to broach the subject. Christen has a flashback, she needs Tobin to come back to reality This takes place around 2 weeks after the original story but technically could be read separately Alexandria 'Ali' is the daughter of the Roman Emperor Kennius Caesar.

During a series of games held in honor of her father's birthday, she sees the first fight of Ashlyn, a captured Gallic woman who is staunchly refusing to submit to the power of the Roman Empire. Or, everybody learns that eventually everybody gets where they need to be, but the journey isn't always easy.

Annie is determined to make Silver's Christmas Wish come true.

But she learns more in depth of what Silver had gone through the past three years with her mom. Problem number four: Dixon was competely in love with Silver himself.

Against the backdrop of brutal gladiator games, Ashlyn and Ali must fight for not only their freedom, but their love as well. No, those three have a very different thing going on.

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