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Cyberbullying has to have a minor on both sides, or at least have been instigated by a minor against another minor.

Once adults become involved, it is cyber-harassment or cyberstalking.

Different rooms may be “entered” to discuss specific topics.

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Bookmark (Favorite) – A website address saved in your browser so you can access it easily later.

Browser – Software (Ex: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) used to look at various kinds of internet resources.

Cyberspace – Used to describe the entire range of internet resources available through service providers.

Denial of Service (Do S) – Do S attacks involve cybercriminals using a variety of techniques to inundate an internet server with enormous amounts of ‘junk’ data in order to consume its resources.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – Software that will transfer entire files from one computer to another, for viewing or other purposes.

Grooming – Grooming occurs when an adult takes deliberate actions to befriend and establish an emotional connection with a child in order to lower the child’s inhibitions.An example would be an internet service which allows you to upload and store your files (, video and documents) online and access them later.Below you will find a list of specialized terms with definitions to help you better understand the language of “all things internet.” Avatar – A graphic/photo icon to represent a participant in chat and games. The activity of “posting” to a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.” Blogs are typically updated frequently, with posts appearing in chronological order with the most recent at the top.Thanks to the availability of blogging software that requires little or no technical background, creating and maintaining a blog is very easy to do.A keylogger records everything the user types in, including emails, log-in names, passwords, credit card numbers and/or bank account websites in order to steal the information.

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